A starter of Carpaccio-cut Smoked Beef with tomatoes and peashoots, drizzled in balsamic vinegar. Gift Ideas
Spiced beef with chutney, cheese and crusty bread. Summer informal board with Spiced Beef
Traditional Pastrami served with gerkins, Tombuie smoked cheese and The Balbvenie Singleton 12yrs malt. Traditional Pastrami with a nip of Scotch
Taster boards of Carpaccio-cut smoked beef, Wisps of Scotch lamb, sweet-cured beef and garlic bread from the Really Garlicky Company A Tasting Board for a light lunch.
100g Honey-roast smoked duck with tomatoes and watercress. Honey Roast Smoked Duck
Wisps of Scotch Lamb served as a starter with rocket salad Wisps of Scotch Lamb
Sweet-Cured beef, wrapped around a cube of quince jelly, before plating up as an canape Sweet-Cured Beef, with Quince Jelly

Alison and Robin Tuke.




Tombuie is a top producer of luxury British Charcuterie. It's a family run company, home-curing and cold-smoking: meat, game, poultry and cheese over oak.



The old Tombuie logo. Different image, same ethos.



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