Tombuie Smoked Cheese with a fine Single Malt Whisky Tombuie Smoked Cheese with a fine Single Malt Whisky

Charcuterie Choice - £22.50 inc Postage & Packaging.



Hardiesmill Sweet-Cured Beef with rocket and tomatoes
  • Two packs of Hardiesmill Sweet-Cured Beef (100g)
  • 250g of  Tombuie Extra-Mature Smoked Cheese
  • Comes gift wrapped and with a personalised card if required. 


Two 100g packets of fine-cut (sub-1mm) sweet-cured beef (made from some of the world's best beef*, typically serves 4 per packet as a starter)  and Tombuies seriouslly more-ish smoked cheese. Both have longish shelf lives (45-60 days,  or the beef freezes well and defrosts in seconds. Perfect for quick and easy meals or glamorous starters.


*Source: "Steak (R)evolution" by Frank Ribiere and "Steak" by Mark Schatzker. Hardiesmill is the home of Tombuie.


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Hardiesmill Place



Tel: (0)1573 410797

Market news

Following the success of our Hardiesmill Beef, we regret that time constraints have forced us to suspend day-to-day production of much of our range of Tombuie Charcuterie. If you have a requirement for a specific event, please call us on +44 1573 410797 or emial: .


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