Sweet-Cured Scotch Beef (100g)

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Ideas for canapes & appetisers - sweet-cured beef with quince jelly Ideas for canapes & appetisers - sweet-cured beef with quince jelly

Used to showcase Scotch Beef at both the Hague and in Brussels, our Sweet-cured Beef is something different, completely different.


First we cure our Hardiesmill dry-aged, pasture-reared Scotch beef to lock in the rich flavour of the grass that gives it its longevity of taste. Then we marinate the beef in oil and spices to give it a more robust texture and memories of sweet cinnamon in the flavour.


Sweet-cured beef works particularly well  in a salad with strawberries and dough-nut peaches. That said, it's mouthwatering by itself, on a warm bit of ciabatta and makes a superb part of a charcuterie platter.


Tombuie's Sweet-cured Beef is from our own Hardiesmill grass-reared Scotch pedigree Aberdeen Angus cattle.



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Following the success of our Hardiesmill Beef, we regret that time constraints have forced us to suspend day-to-day production of much of our range of Tombuie Charcuterie. If you have a requirement for a specific event, please call us on +44 1573 410797 or emial: info@hardiesmill.co.uk .


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