Tombuie Smoked Cheese. 250g. £4.25

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Tombuie extra-mature smoked cheese with GlenLivet 12yr single malt Tombuie Smoked Cheese with Scotch


Tombuie's Extra Mature Smoked Cheese is a smoked cheese with a real difference. This distinctive smoked cheddar has a remarkably creamy texture and a depth of flavour that runs through every mouthful, not just the outsides. The extra mature cheddar fills the tongue whilst the oak smoke moves around the cheeks to the back of the throat to give a complete, mouth filling experience.

How to enjoy it!

As is.  Remember to leave it to breath first after taking it out the vacuum bag, it really lifts the flavour. This smoked cheese makes a delightful addition to any sandwich (hot or cold), oatcake or cheese platter but our favourite is to have it in partnership with a light single malt whisky like a Glen Morangie Original or the Balvenie 15 year Single Barrel. Each lifts each other to a new dimension, filling your whole mouth with an array of flavours that just want to make music together….. “Slàinte”!

Cooked.  “Tombuie”, as our cheese is affectionately known as by the trade in the Scottish Borders, also makes a tremendous cooked cheese. The gentle oak smokiness over the creaminess of the cheese carries through the cooking without disrupting the other flavours, making it a great topping for everything from a home-made cheese burger and welsh rarebit to potted haggis and potato dauphinoise.

The cheese and the smoking

The cheese is a British farm-house cheddar from an single source to ensure quality and consistency. It is matured on that farm for 24 month to give it the wonderful extra-mature cheddar taste before it’s dispatched to our smokehouse. 

We take this wonderful cheese and add lift it to a new level by cold-smoking on our farm, keeping it long and slow in order to infuse a hint of oak smoke into every mouthful, not just the surface.

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Following the success of our Hardiesmill Beef, we regret that time constraints have forced us to suspend day-to-day production of much of our range of Tombuie Charcuterie. If you have a requirement for a specific event, please call us on +44 1573 410797 or emial: .


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