"Nip & Tuck", Tombuie style.

Tombuie Extra-mature Smoked Cheese with a nip of Glenlivet 12yr old Tombuie extra Mature Smoked Cheese and a light Speyside

It’s funny to think that the idea of serving "tuck" (slang for food) with whisky is alien to so many people when the Highlands have been serving it as an alternative at dinner for decades. And just like choosing the wine, if you’re serving whisky the only thing that matters is that the “nip” (whisky tot) goes well with the dish you’ve chosen. Get it right and the result is a symphony of flavours, playing in perfect harmony across your palate.

Get it wrong and the worst they can do is label the combination as: “Interesting!”, and at least with whisky you don’t have to fret about putting the stopper back in.  As our friend Annabel Miekle, whose one of the best “noses” in the country, says:


“There’s no such thing as a right or wrong mixture, the whole fun of whisky is that it’s entirely up to you to what you enjoy”.


A very civilised light bite.

The idea is to produce an impression greater than the two parts, whether through amplification, impact (on taste points), longevity, harmony or creativity/eccentricity (e.g. our Traditional Pastrami and The Balvenie Signature 12years, where flavours literally jump around on your tongue). Start with the nose. If the aromas marry up, the chances are the flavours will too, but not always. It's therefore worth trying the two together before serving, as it's so disappointing when the taste of the combination is flat compared to the promise of the pungency. 


Below are a few combinations that we‘ve liked when we put them together with our Tombuie charcuterie over the years. If you’ve ever been to “Whisky Live” in London or Glasgow, the chances are you may well have tried a few...

Whisky Tombuie Charcuterie Notes
Aberlour A'bunadh cask strength Sweet-cured Beef Beautiful sweetness.
Balvenie Double Wood 12yrs Wisps of Scotch Lamb The fruitiness of the Doublewood marries with the subtle flavours of the Wisps of Scotch Lamb.
Balvenie Signature 12yrs Traditional Pastrami Quite extra-ordinary, the flavours quite literally appear to jump around your tongue.
Glen Livet 15 yrs Tombuie EM Cheese A real 3-D experience for your taste buds, Livet on the tongue and roof of your mouth, cheese on the teeth and cheeks. A super way of finishing a meal.
Glen Morangie Original 10 yr Tombuie EM Cheese The cheese amplifies the flavour of the Glen Morangie whilst sitting gently on the surrounding cheeks and back of the throat. Beautiful.
Glen Moray 10yr Carpaccio-cut Smoked Beef Smooth, gentle; a great way to unwind at the end of a tough day.
Pigs Nose Traditional Pastrami Spicy, but roll into each other
Sheep Dip Spiced Beef V.g.. Full bodied with a fruitiness on the top of the tongue.
Weims Peat Chimney 8yr Whisky-Infused Smoked venison Great teamwork between the smoke of the peat chimney and the salt in the venison.
Whisky Society 71.38 27yr Single cask Tombuie EM Cheese You see why they call it "Cheese Board in a Library". Just lovely!
Whisky Society World of Flavours 76.106 25 yr single cask Honey-Roasted Smoked Duck Wow!

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